Your Favorite Disaster EP

by Reason 837

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released December 19, 2009

Brian Gwozdz - Vocals / Bass
Justin Burdick - Lead Guitar
Damian McCartney - Guitar
Mike Weissman - Drums



all rights reserved


Reason 837 Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Down For The Count
I regret my past when we met
Just let me figure this out.
I'm waiting by the phone for your voice
Never cared about what you had to say.
As time went on every single night
I've listened to all your favorite songs,
I've learned you inside and out,
I must have read you so wrong.

For lack of words you pull me down
Your heartless words and lies
Wont be sung to an empty crowd.
Broken promises are everything you'll ever be
Rest your head upon his shoulders when you think of me.
Does he know that this lullaby is harder than it seems?

I don't want to know the details
I don't want to think about your sleepless nights in someone else's bed, in someone else's head.
I don't want to know the details
I don't want to think about how things went wrong with everything you said.
I'm better off dead.

When I thought back throughout the years
To when we both could comprehend
All those things we used to say,
Every single story that you made.
I'm lost for words ever since I heard:
My friends tell me you were there
With him ignoring all my calls
Again this bullshit never ends.

You pull me down.

This is where i'm leaving.
This is when we say goodbye.
Track Name: Take Cover
Tonight we'll tell each other lies,
And I'll never feel the way I did before.
And after all is said and done,
You'll never know.

I'll take cover
And hide this emptiness inside.
And I mean now.

You can't tell me what to do.
The only thing I want is to be with you.
But I can't see us in the end,
So I don't.

I say that you're everything.
You say that I'm all you need.
I say that you're everything to me.
Track Name: The Truth Hurts
I said give it up when you said to me "just one more try"
I said give it up when you looked at me with those bloodshot eyes.

Tonight, I looked up at the sky
And realized this is nothing more
Than two kids that don't know how to say goodbye.
When I see you cry
There's nothing in this world that can
Stop me from wanting to hold you close again.

The truth hurts.
It's never that easy to ever let go.
What I've said, and what I've done was never meant to hurt anyone.

Deep down,
The fears that live inside us
Are screaming out but no one hears.
It once was great but now has slipped away.
Between the mattress,
Under the bed we once shared when our first kiss meant everything.

I'll take my time,
Thinking over,
Every note you've written, reading in between the lines.
I'll take things slow,
Watching over,
All those things you left here, like your belt and hair ties..
Laying on my bedroom floor.
Track Name: Self Centered
I'm self centered and I'm not afraid to get what I want.
And you'll never see me again
And I'll never see you, always.
It's all the same in the end.

It's not fair.
You're always getting bored from being right.
Do you want to be with me?
Or do you want to be with him?

And every time you look my way it's so damn hard not to stare.
Nobody's gonna help you out.

It's not fair.
All the times I talk to you he's always on your mind.
All I have are senseless words that wont make you mine.
Track Name: Matchless
The phone rang one late night last fall.
Three years to an end with one call.
Live your dream, don't stop to think at all.
We know in our hearts we did nothing wrong.

Something sparkles when the lights surround you.
And I think about the times that we've gone through.
The future's calling so I'll have to get used to
The loneliness of me not seeing you.

I said it all with a smile.
I said it all because..

Hollywood, hollywood will shine its lights on
All the things you're building up and keep inside of
This mind of yours and mine.
They meet at the beat of your heart.
Spotlights shine bright on this love/hate baby, don't keep it inside of you.

She packed her things to leave this town behind.
I could see the excitement in her eyes.
To the airport to say our last goodbye.
Sat on the plane, she began to cry.

Remember how I told you don't give up your dream.
Remember how you told me one day you would leave.
Remember how we walked along these dead end streets.
I sit alone and hope you will remember me.

I wont give up this hope
These feelings are not make believe.
I feel as though I'm falling closer to my worlds desire.
Pick up the pieces and move forward leave this all behind.
I feel as though I'm falling..